My Little Sweeties

My Little Sweeties
Chauntel with Camille, Alexa holding Jared, Blayne with Garret, Zac

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Times With Friends....

Hi everyone! Today we went to the park. We met some friends there. It was so much fun. First we all roller bladed but some of us biked. My friend and I roller bladed around the pavement and played on the play ground too. We went to the Hockinson Park. I took a turn with Garret and we watched the kids in the field play games. After a while we all ate lunch. It was so yummy. I had a egg sald sandwich, grapes, and chips and I had soda for a drink. After that we played again on the toys and then we played Kick Ball. It was boys against girls. My friend and I took many walks on the pavement. We had a very good time all day.

Yesterday my Mom took us to town and did some things. Then we went to Sam and Jenny's house. Chauntel and I wanted to go there and my Mom said we could go there sometime this summer. So that was the day that worked out. We all played school and their cousin was there too. We had a good time playing outside, in the cowpen and on the playground. I'm so thankful for my friends! ~Alexa

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  1. Hockinson Park is the best park ever:) Glad you had fun there and at Sam & Jenny's! Love, Aimee