My Little Sweeties

My Little Sweeties
Chauntel with Camille, Alexa holding Jared, Blayne with Garret, Zac

Monday, December 27, 2010

Making Desserts and Serving the Elderly at Church....

A group of us made a meal and desserts for the Senior Bible Study group at church. This is one of the menus that the kids made together.

While they were having Bible Study...the kids made the desserts. We had actually made the food at home.

The decorated table....

Working going on...

"Caution...Men at Work!" Peeling and cutting apples for the crisp they were making.

Girls working on the clean-up....washing all the dishes.

Each of the kids were assigned to a group to be responsible for serving each elderly person. They had a good time taking orders, coming to fill the order and serving them.

After everything was cleaned up and they had all gone home (Except Grandma Stenersen) we got out our history presentations. We are studying the late 1700s. These girls were responsible for sharing what the children did for school, their manners, games they played, songs they sang and toys they played with. Here they are sharing what they learned....

Then they sang a couple of the songs kids sang at that time...

Blayne researched Daniel Boone. He gave a good report...even adding some things in, to my surprise, that hadn't been in his report (without missing a beat). He had fun making some of his props and Zac enjoyed being his side-kick while holding his homemade gun.

It was a good day....we all enjoyed it!

Sometimes you just have to be flexible......

I had the grand idea to get all five kids (the five oldest) to the dentist the same day. It was all going fine until I heard Camille, all of the sudden, start crying real loud for "Mommy". I thought it wasn't going to work for them to finish until the instructor suggested for me to hold her. We got everything else done in this position. All's well that ends well! In the end, the instructor said, "If you had a camera, I'd love to take a picture of this for you." I told her that I she took this. Love Mona

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Baby Boy Growing Up.....

"What in the world???" "How did you get up there?" Seems like these questions are coming more and more often these days!!!

My baby's seems! Big boy Jared is here:) He's loving to climb and stand on things nowadays!

Just chilling out:) Chewing on the dreaded "spanking spoon".

Caught the girls playing church with him the other day. Seems to think he's pretty big there...holding his baby now:)

Out on a date with Dad and Mom. What a sweetie!

Can't resist his sweet, irresistible smile. Mmmmm.....I love babies! Thanks to God for these sweet little miracles!!! And thanks to God for opening my heart to accept them as they come! Love ya, Mona

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Activities

I got these glasses from Shayne. She gave me them for Christmas. I stayed home with Mom one Sunday night. I got hot chocolate.

We made gingerbread houses while dad was in the bath with the little boys.

This is how our gingerbread houses turned out.

We stayed up late and had a tea party. Next we went through a book with my Mom. And ended with a slumber party. It was so fun!

This is the food we had at our tea party.

This was in the center of our table. My Mom made it for our table. ~Chauntel

My Birthday

This is a day before my birthday. Bob came over for science. They had a little birthday celebration for me after science time. He opened the cupboard and said there was something wrong because there was a bag in it. It was my birthday present! I got a whole bunch of writing stuff. He thought I might not like writing any more so he went back to the store and got me a scarf. I really liked everything he got me! These are my cupcakes. Don't they look yummy?

After I blew out my candles. Everybody wanted to help me as you can see.

Lots of gifts as you can see. I was pretty excited to open them.

Everybody gave me something. Some of the things I got were beads, ribbon, an American doll, candy, and an album. It was fun trying out my new things.

Janine invited us over for lunch and games. This is one of the games. It was bag races. We also tried to carry an egg on a spoon while walking and did the three legged race. It was fun:) The lunch was very good! It was Chili.

This is my very good supper. It was egg salad sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches. I got to choose it.

I had some of my cousins over for cake and visiting. I picked an ice cream cake. And boy was it goooooooooooooood!

Here's a picture of everybody by me. It was a very very fun 10th birthday!

This is us kids listening to a tape on the counter. We couldn't get one bit closer. The name of our book was, "Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry." I am learning alot about that time period. The book is a little sad but happy too. I hope you have a good rest of the day. Watch for more posts later. God's Peace! Alexa~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daddy and My Presentation

One day Dad called and wanted us to bring him some pipe to his job. When we got there he was doing something on the other side of the foundation. He had me help him hold the pipe. I had fun to be able to see Dad for a little while at work. Tomorrow, Lord willing, I get to go to work for a little while with Dad. I can't wait!!!

For Family Fun Night, my presentation was on insulators and conductors. I made this project and told my family how it all works. Dad asked me lots of questions to see what I knew about it. Luckily I knew the answers to his questions:)

All of my experiments worked, except one, on conducting electricity.

I had alot of fun making this project, keeping it a secret, and then teaching my family! By Blayne

Snow is coming...

I was getting the laundry started and could hear the kids excitedly setting up something in the other room. I went to see....and this is what it was. They said they set up a "Boy's Parlor" and a "Girl's Parlor" to do their school work in so they could watch it snow while they worked:) Yes....I had a constant report on the accumulation of snow; although, we didn't hardly get any compared to some of you others!

As soon as morning break rolled around, they bundled up from head to toe and headed out. They had a lot of fun and came in quite soaked!!! It doesn't take much to satisfy Washington kids:) I guess it was cool for them until they started hearing how much others got! Then they were really wishing for more! I told them it was a treat, anyways, to even get snow in November!

This familiar to any of you with kids??? The aftermath of a winter fun excursion? Oh well, big mess, but lots of fun. I guess it is a good exchange!

Zac and Telie warming up afterwards with an UNO game. So....I guess this is a start to our winter time:) I hope for lots more snow!!! We'll see what God gives this year:) God's Peace! Love Mona

These Past Few Weeks....

This was a few weeks ago. Mom, Chauntel, and I stayed up to scrapbook and knit. I knitted for awhile and then I scrapbooked. In this picture I am putting on a button. I think knitting is a lot of fun. I was trying to get it done real fast so I could scrapbook. I really wanted to do what everybody else was doing.

See everyone?

Camille was watching my mom and I decide which buttons I wanted on which hat.

We went to Richard's to honor him for Veterans Day. Here are we with him. It was really fun listening to him talk about being in the war; and repenting and becoming a christian again!

Here we are getting the pumpkin seeds out of the pumpkins. Daddy roasts the seeds and we eat them. They were very yummy when they were done.

Mom caught us up to something.
What we were trying to be:
*Blayne got shot in the war
*Zac is a firemen
*Alexa is a ?????
*Chauntel a weirdo
*Garret a bucket man

My Mom's birthday cake. Lots of frosting! (Ready for Blayne.....Blayne hates frosting.) It was sure good! Have a good day. ~Alexa

Decorating our Room for Christmas....

Alexa and I decorated our room. We are going to make cinnamon pine cones too. This picture is of our banner.

We put our song book on our dresser and opened it to "The First Noel". Our dolls are singing it.

Mom wanted to take a picture of us girls up with it. ~Chauntel
***Watch for Alexa's post later:)