My Little Sweeties

My Little Sweeties
Chauntel with Camille, Alexa holding Jared, Blayne with Garret, Zac

Monday, August 9, 2010

School Fever

After a couple boxes of school books arrived last week, excitement for school has gone sky high:) Everyone has been poring over their books and asking if we can start now.
"Hey kids, what do you think of your new books?" Thumbs up is the answer:)
So today we had a "2010-2011 school year meeting". I asked for start date suggestions and here were their answers:
  • "Right Now"
  • "Anytime Next Week"
  • "Tomorrow"
  • "Mon, Aug 16th"
  • "Aug 12th"
Well, we voted on the suggestions and everyone picked Alexa's suggestion of Mon, Aug 16th. So....I guess that's what we're doing! Sounds good to me. I guess I'm like the kids...I got excited to start too when all the books started getting here! So, today's been a fun day of planning, making schedules, charts, calendars and all those kinds of things. Next is putting up a few more things to decorate the schoolroom thing the kids really like! ~Mona


  1. We're ready to start too-the kids are getting bored-so today I had them bring up all the books so I can see what I need. We're going to start Monday with what we have and then get into a full schedule soon as we get all our books!

  2. I see you have Abeka books, have you used them before? Thats what I use, and really like them. As excited as I am to start, we won't start till after Labor Day. We still have full board HOT summer weather here, and have been enjoying it to the fullest!

  3. I use a variety of different books...mostly Abeka and Christian Liberty Press...with some other things too. Yes, we've used a some Abeka pieces both of the other years too.

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