My Little Sweeties

My Little Sweeties
Chauntel with Camille, Alexa holding Jared, Blayne with Garret, Zac

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daddy and My Presentation

One day Dad called and wanted us to bring him some pipe to his job. When we got there he was doing something on the other side of the foundation. He had me help him hold the pipe. I had fun to be able to see Dad for a little while at work. Tomorrow, Lord willing, I get to go to work for a little while with Dad. I can't wait!!!

For Family Fun Night, my presentation was on insulators and conductors. I made this project and told my family how it all works. Dad asked me lots of questions to see what I knew about it. Luckily I knew the answers to his questions:)

All of my experiments worked, except one, on conducting electricity.

I had alot of fun making this project, keeping it a secret, and then teaching my family! By Blayne

Snow is coming...

I was getting the laundry started and could hear the kids excitedly setting up something in the other room. I went to see....and this is what it was. They said they set up a "Boy's Parlor" and a "Girl's Parlor" to do their school work in so they could watch it snow while they worked:) Yes....I had a constant report on the accumulation of snow; although, we didn't hardly get any compared to some of you others!

As soon as morning break rolled around, they bundled up from head to toe and headed out. They had a lot of fun and came in quite soaked!!! It doesn't take much to satisfy Washington kids:) I guess it was cool for them until they started hearing how much others got! Then they were really wishing for more! I told them it was a treat, anyways, to even get snow in November!

This familiar to any of you with kids??? The aftermath of a winter fun excursion? Oh well, big mess, but lots of fun. I guess it is a good exchange!

Zac and Telie warming up afterwards with an UNO game. So....I guess this is a start to our winter time:) I hope for lots more snow!!! We'll see what God gives this year:) God's Peace! Love Mona

These Past Few Weeks....

This was a few weeks ago. Mom, Chauntel, and I stayed up to scrapbook and knit. I knitted for awhile and then I scrapbooked. In this picture I am putting on a button. I think knitting is a lot of fun. I was trying to get it done real fast so I could scrapbook. I really wanted to do what everybody else was doing.

See everyone?

Camille was watching my mom and I decide which buttons I wanted on which hat.

We went to Richard's to honor him for Veterans Day. Here are we with him. It was really fun listening to him talk about being in the war; and repenting and becoming a christian again!

Here we are getting the pumpkin seeds out of the pumpkins. Daddy roasts the seeds and we eat them. They were very yummy when they were done.

Mom caught us up to something.
What we were trying to be:
*Blayne got shot in the war
*Zac is a firemen
*Alexa is a ?????
*Chauntel a weirdo
*Garret a bucket man

My Mom's birthday cake. Lots of frosting! (Ready for Blayne.....Blayne hates frosting.) It was sure good! Have a good day. ~Alexa

Decorating our Room for Christmas....

Alexa and I decorated our room. We are going to make cinnamon pine cones too. This picture is of our banner.

We put our song book on our dresser and opened it to "The First Noel". Our dolls are singing it.

Mom wanted to take a picture of us girls up with it. ~Chauntel
***Watch for Alexa's post later:)