My Little Sweeties

My Little Sweeties
Chauntel with Camille, Alexa holding Jared, Blayne with Garret, Zac

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where Does the Time Go???

Ohhh, babies do grow up so fast!!! Jared was pretty sad on the way home from church Sunday night, so when we got on our private road...James said to take him out and hand him up to him. He had fun "driving" us home and the other kids sure got a kick out of it:)
And now.....I noticed him chasing this truck down the hall today. I sent Blayne to get the gate right away. We now need to use it so he don't attempt the stairs quite yet! He was pretty happy pushing and chasing away. And I feel better not constantly worrying that he's going to fall down the steps!

Friday, September 24, 2010

School in Session ~ ~ ~

School has been in session now for quite a few weeks and the kids' science teacher, Mr. Bob, is back. They really enjoy it every time he comes! Thanks Bob:)

Mr. Bob helping them set up a telescope that he found for us. Blayne has been using this the most. He finds the moon or something else, focuses in on it really good, and then calls all of us to look at what he's found. What a neat thing:)

Garret doing his school work:)

A typical school day.....

Things change as the school year passes...but right now they are loving to work in the actual "School Room".

"Why sit down when you can stand and work?" Guess that's what Lexa thinks. I find her like this alot:)

A fun garage sale find. A box of waffle blocks and a bag of "worker" toys. Kept Garret's attention the entire art time today. The other boys had to sneak and play with him at times too.

Lexa being my art helper today. She thinks it just as fun as doing her own project. She did do her own later.

Zac and Telie very intent on their projects.

Blayne's drawing something for part of his project.

They all love their Friday Art Days:) They have been starting out as a garage sale morning and are completed with art and/or baking.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Girls Day Out!!!

We have been planning a "girls day out" for a long time. We were going to do it when Dad was gone hunting. The first plan didn't work. We planned to go on Tuesday, but Jared got a fever. Days later we found he got a tooth, but we didn't know why he had a fever the days he had one. got canceled and we were going to retry on Friday. Aunty Elva was going to babysit. Well...once again plans changed when my Dad ended up coming home late Thursday night instead of Saturday! He told us to cancel our babysitter and he would be with the kids since he came home early. So the long awaited day finally came. We left home around 8 or 8:30 am. We first went to some garage sales and found some good stuff. Then we headed to town. We went to a couple stores and then to our first snacking spot......
Krispy Kreme!!!!
And boy was it yummy!

We wanted to get a picture of Mom so I took one of her with Chauntel.

At lunchtime....we ate at you can see:) It was very good! This is only my second time eating there. We wanted to eat at this tall table for the fun of it. Doesn't the food look good?

We did some more shopping and then we had our next snack here at Yo-Cream. Chauntel and I had been there with our Aunts one time and we both really had been dreaming of going here again.

It was fun trying some samples and deciding what kind we wanted to buy. Here is Telie getting her mint yogurt.
I got Orange Creme. It was the best!!! The others didn't think it was very good...but I sure did.

Here's Chauntel checking out one of her purchases from Target. It was an art pack. We had so much fun in Target! We picked out a skirt and Pj's that were too big for us and tried them on. We had fun laughing at them. We did pick out some shirts that fit us. They were the first shirts we bought for ourselves. We wore them to Aunty Nancy's on Sunday.

The last thing we did was get Hot and Ready Pizza for supper and we ate it in the van. Yum!

We asked some lady to take a picture for us and this ended our day. We got home around 7pm. It was a very good day!!! ~Alexa

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Park and Lake Day

We enjoyed a few hours at Hockinson Park with our cousins one day. This was the most used toy there on the playground. Here's Camille trying to push us:)
One early morning we got ready to go to Yale Lake. We went there and played. Aunty Clara and her kids came with us and we met Aunty Elva there too. Here's us making a waterfall.
The boys were having fun Kayaking on their wood pieces that they found on shore. They had lots of fun doing that.

Jared enjoyed trying to get off his blanket and play with rocks. Mom had to keep moving him back on the blanket. ~Alexa

I Passed!!!

I waited for 2 weeks, and now it came. You know, the postcard from Fish and Game? Now I know that I passed my HUNTER ED. class for sure and can get my license for hunting. I got 2 wrong out of 75 questions on my test:) ~Blayne

Summer Turning into Fall

We still have some summer around here:) I decided to post a few of some "heart warmer" photos that I've taken lately...along with some "every-day" type photos.

"Pea Party"

I caught this out on my deck one day recently. Zac and Camille with piles of peas that they'd picked. They told me they were having a party. I love their healthy choice of a snack!

Zac's Fun

Zac loves to go pick up Jared and play with him lately. One day after his school lessons were done, I found him with the kids in the living room like this. Jared loves the attention.

"Chicken Out"

Last Sunday after church we were unloading the van. All of the sudden, we heard Garret calling loudly, "Chicken Out"! We looked and seen him catch it. He carried the poor wanderer around until we made him put it down to come in and eat:) He loves those things! Loves to chase them, watch them, and even let them out of the chicken house.

Bountiful Beans

I was so excited to get enough beans to eat for dinner many times AND to be able to can them from my own garden for the first time! So far, I've been able to can 15 quarts! And there's more coming. That might not sound like very many....but to us it is since last year we only had enough to eat for dinner different times.

So Sweet...

The other day Blayne, Alexa, and Chauntel went hunting. Garret and Camille woke up when they were gone and were asking where the big kids were. When they heard that they were coming home, they shot out of the house. I caught this...them waiting for the others.

And then this:) They definitely love one another!

Scrabble Time

The kids passing time tonight. Nights seem to be long without Daddy around! We're all looking forward to him getting home this weekend...but are enjoying the time also. Trying to do some fun things, staying up late all the time, scrapbooking, looking at old pictures, chatting and having slumber parties every night. (He's gone elk hunting) ~Love Mona