My Little Sweeties

My Little Sweeties
Chauntel with Camille, Alexa holding Jared, Blayne with Garret, Zac

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hiking Lava Canyon

Hi everyone! We took this trip last Saturday. This is where we ate lunch. This was not at Lava Canyon it was on our way there. We saw this alongside of the road so we stopped here. This is us girls eating on the log. We had sandwiches, carrots, pop, and cookies.
There was a big water fall and us kids were throwing rocks in it. Camille and Garret were gathering rocks for me. I was a little bit lazy:)
Everyone was assigned to someone. You can see who is assigned to who because we are holding hands.Boys smiling so brightly. Even Jared is smiling.

Mom and Dad with Jared. I had wanted to take a picture of them and this is where they wanted it. They really liked the background.
The scary one lane suspension bridge. I know; I'm a little bit of a scaredy cat. But it was long and felt like it was almost going to break.
The pretty waterfall. This was in the canyon and is what we saw below us when we were on the bridge. It was a long way down.
This a picture of us at the end of the bridge. A very nice lady asked us if she could take it for us.

Us girls all tired out but ready for a picture.

We were so close to Mt St Helens. It seemed even closer than this picture...the closest I've ever been to it. It was a very exciting family trip. ~Alexa

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Times With Friends....

Hi everyone! Today we went to the park. We met some friends there. It was so much fun. First we all roller bladed but some of us biked. My friend and I roller bladed around the pavement and played on the play ground too. We went to the Hockinson Park. I took a turn with Garret and we watched the kids in the field play games. After a while we all ate lunch. It was so yummy. I had a egg sald sandwich, grapes, and chips and I had soda for a drink. After that we played again on the toys and then we played Kick Ball. It was boys against girls. My friend and I took many walks on the pavement. We had a very good time all day.

Yesterday my Mom took us to town and did some things. Then we went to Sam and Jenny's house. Chauntel and I wanted to go there and my Mom said we could go there sometime this summer. So that was the day that worked out. We all played school and their cousin was there too. We had a good time playing outside, in the cowpen and on the playground. I'm so thankful for my friends! ~Alexa

Monday, August 9, 2010

School Fever

After a couple boxes of school books arrived last week, excitement for school has gone sky high:) Everyone has been poring over their books and asking if we can start now.
"Hey kids, what do you think of your new books?" Thumbs up is the answer:)
So today we had a "2010-2011 school year meeting". I asked for start date suggestions and here were their answers:
  • "Right Now"
  • "Anytime Next Week"
  • "Tomorrow"
  • "Mon, Aug 16th"
  • "Aug 12th"
Well, we voted on the suggestions and everyone picked Alexa's suggestion of Mon, Aug 16th. So....I guess that's what we're doing! Sounds good to me. I guess I'm like the kids...I got excited to start too when all the books started getting here! So, today's been a fun day of planning, making schedules, charts, calendars and all those kinds of things. Next is putting up a few more things to decorate the schoolroom thing the kids really like! ~Mona

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This and That.....

You know, when we first started this family blog...I thought we'd be updating each day. I figured that each one of us would take a turn and write or share photos of whatever we wanted. Well, it didn't take long for me to figure out that it was just one more thing to add to already busy days:) So, now that I haven't posted for quite a few weeks (I think) I figured I'd take advantage of a quiet Saturday afternoon and post a bunch of this summer's happenings. James has the 4 oldest kids picking blueberries with him right now and the 3 littles are sleeping as I begin. So beware...this is going to be really long!

Ok, this is called "Budget Friendly Family Camping".....and it was a really great time! I'm so glad that Clara and Anders suggested it. They asked if they could come and camp at our house for the weekend. We took them up on it. James really got into it and wrote a schedule of sorts, kindof jokingly. We actually ended up doing most of the things he wrote down......
A morning hike, watermelon eating contest, trip to cool off in Salmon Creek to cool off (driving down in the old brown Ford) and of course the nightly bonfires.
Here is our tent...

and their tent.
Roasting time...

Morning relaxing after breakfast time....
Camille feeding the chickens something...
Fathers and their sons...

The girlies....
Andreas in action...
Grumpy kids...
Happy babies chilling in the house...
Eating lunch on the deck...
And in the grass.
Down at the creek to cool off...
and drying off when too cold.
Happy kids after lots of playing.
And back up to the house in the Ford:)
Evening time and more friends joined us for visiting and snacking. Sam, Jenny and family and Pete, Leah and family:)

Birthday time for Camille! She turned 4 on July 27th.

Sporting her new apron (made by Aunty Elva) with her cake mix. One of her presents.
Smile everyone:)
Interesting, unplanned cake! The kids baked it when we were gone and Garret took a huge chunk out of it when they weren't around. Hence the Skittle candy bowl:) With my just have to make do at times:)

Well, this was a VERY Belated "End of School Picnic". I'd promised the kids a picnic on the last day of school....yes, last school year ending the end of May. Well it ended up being a very rainy time. The weather eventually got nice...but we kept forgetting to do this. Finally a week or two ago...we remembered and packed the picnic baskets and headed for the woods.

Everyone enjoyed eating in the woods and playing there too!!!

Anniversary Time

We actually got to go away for a couple days for our 12th Anniversary....Thanks to all our babysitters!!!! We really enjoyed our time in Lincoln City!
Enjoying being out of his carseat and playing on the motel room floor.
James resting with Jared on our beach walk.

Back on the Home Front.....

Sweet Babysitter!!! Relaxing on my favorite Garage Sale find of the summer...a bean bag! I've wanted one for so long but they are so expensive in the stores! Was so happy to find this one!
Jared seems to be falling asleep in all sorts of places these days!!!
...and again another day!
My newest kitchen helper...taking her job so seriously! I mixed these photos up...the one above is the "after his haircut" photo:)
6 months and needing a haircut. Honestly...some of his hairs were nigh unto 2 1/2 to 3 inches long!
Garret thought my fresh bread smelled and looked good, I guess!!!
So one night while working outside, we caught Garret with the gas can intending to fill up his go cart. Of course we had to get the gas can away b4 someone could go get the camera. Well later, we caught him again intending to fill up the scooter now. This time I had the camera sitting out there, handy.
Garret...always fascinated with Daddy's motorcycle. Absolutely loves his rides with Daddy!
Our chicken house...finally 95% painted. Talk about an all year project!!!
Garret, one evening while we were working/playing outside.
Our boys playing together...
"Flowers for you, Mom..." I've gotten countless bouquets this summer....tokens of all the kids love:)
The kids with our home-made waterslide. Tara was over that day to enjoy it with our kids.
Baby Jared lovin' his feet:)

Whew!!! That was a long post! Hope you enjoyed the photos...especially those of you that are far away! Love you all and hope you're enjoying the fast disappearing summer as much as we have been here!!! No time to edit this now as the kids have woken up now....hope I don't have too many mistakes in it:) Love Mona