My Little Sweeties

My Little Sweeties
Chauntel with Camille, Alexa holding Jared, Blayne with Garret, Zac

Friday, March 4, 2011

Things We've Been Doing Lately....

Family Fun Night/Slumber Party Night
We haven"t been doing family fun night for quiet some time, so two weeks ago, on this night, Blayne, Chauntel, and I shared our stuff. I did a poster about the Cardinal. Blayne made an indian thing and Chauntel dressed up like a clown. Chauntel looked so funny. She was running all over and picking up the kids. This is me and my poster. After we did that we had a sleep over... girls with the girls and boys with the boys.

We stayed up really late. In the morning we did not want to get up. Mom snuck in here at one point and took this picture of us.

This is one Thursday at our house. SNOW! How excited we were to wake up with 3 inches of snow. All of us were so excited. We didn't get snow last year. Isn't it pretty?

This is later in the same day as the snow pic up above. Us girls scrapbooked the whole day. By the way the boys were at a logging thing. That's why I'm not talking about them. At lunch mom specially made burritos for us girls. This is us putting them together.

Our fancy set up table. We set this table up first for the little kids to play at while we were scrapbooking at the big table. Then we used it for lunch after we fed them and put them to bed.

Our burritos on the table.

One cold day we all went out side (including mom) for fresh air. Us girls were walking around the wall. Mom wanted to get a picture of us girls. She let Jared be in the picture.

We have been letting the little kids do projects out of these really fun idea books. My Aunty Nancy just gave us another one of these same kind of idea books. This is them stinging cheerios.

Them finished. Then they eat them for morning snack:)

This is another project they did a different day. Washing money. Funny project but they loved it!

Us girls wanted to bake something. So Mom said we could bake sugar cookies. After a few were baked, the other kids wanted to put sprinkles on them.

This is a picture of the boys at the logging thing they went to with my Dad and a couple of Dad's friends and some of their kids. This is in a huge loader bucket. We had Dad take the camera and he came home with 3 pictures:)

This is Zac in front of a chainsaw carving of a mama deer, her fawns and some skunks.

A year or two ago, our cousin knitted our whole family a hat. We were supposed to get a picture taken and give it to her. My Mom finally did it...a little late. We will have to get it to her now!

I got to take Jared for a ride in the sled. I think he really enjoyed it!

Last Saturday, Mom needed to get some groceries and few other things in town. We left around lunch time so we got to eat out at Burgerville. Jared was with us too. The food was really delicious and it was fun to be with my Mom.

Here are the boys having fun playing farm again. Seems like there is a farm set up almost every day lately. Sometimes in the hall, or the living room and this day...right on the kitchen counter.

I've been trying to talk my Mom into posting. I think she might have time to do it later today. We'll see:) Have a good rest of the day! ~Alexa


  1. What a fun mom you have to do all those things with you!

  2. You are so blessed to have such fun and loving parents!! I really enjoyed your post:)

  3. Well, sorry I didn't see this sooner:) The kids sure seemed to be having fun with their little projects. All the food looks nummy . . . and I am glad you got snow!! Love, Tara