My Little Sweeties

My Little Sweeties
Chauntel with Camille, Alexa holding Jared, Blayne with Garret, Zac

Friday, March 4, 2011

Jared's Walking! And Today Was Art Day:)

He finally decided to do it! Started doing some real first steps to Alexa a couple weeks ago! He hadn't really shown any interest in walking until this day. He's been standing up and walking around furniture since he was 8 months.

She was sure excited....right along with the rest of us!!!

So Daddy decided to get in on it:)

Such a fun time seeing those first steps accomplished! Now he's been doing it more and more every day.

Today for art we studied the color wheel...primary colors and how secondary colors are made, etc. Review for the big for the little kids. Using oil pastels and markers, they colored their wheels.

Everyone watches as my little helpers made the secondary colors for us. They thought it was great to play with the food coloring:)

Jared is self entertained as we worked on our projects. Loves to play with a bunch of "stuff". Played there happily for a long time.

Helper Zac makes another secondary color for us.

Here they are painting or drawing on their covers for this coming months "Famous Artists" study we are going to be doing.

Painting to their heart's content.... and loving it all the while!

Then we did some spin art. We had barely started and the machine broke down! What a bummer! Blayne talked me into letting him take it apart to see if he could fix it. I finally let him and was soooo glad I did! He got it going again and they got to finish the project in the afternoon! This was Chauntel's creation.

They all got to make one...the colors of their choice.

Everyone enjoyed watching while someone else did theirs:)

Don't know why this picture turned on me! Anyways, this is what we ended up with! Fun little project.

Here are the art books with pockets to hold the different types of paintings we plan to be making in the coming weeks. They got the book and the covers designed today. Some drew, some painted, some colored with oil pastels....whatever they chose to do.

Here are some of the color wheels and spin art.

Blayne hung some of them up for decoration in the school room:)

Well, that was our day. It's nice to have time to "play" during school time! We all really enjoyed it. So this was my "fun" post and I decided to have my next post be our "work" post. Life isn't always fun! We need to get our work done too..... I pray that God blessed you all with some good days today! Until next time, God be with you! Love Mona


  1. Wow, those art progects look really fun!!! That is really cool that Jared is starting to get interested in Walking. It was like that for us, too. Love, Tara

  2. Those art projects are really cool and fun looking:)

  3. What fun art projects! Glen Mattson did a light(color) show for all of our kids one Sunday afternoon...VERY interesting! ...So fun when our babies start to walk,I always loved that with our babies:)